Share the snark. And be proud of speaking out to change the breast cancer conversation. One of my blogger sisters suggested I make this into a badge, so here it is. Feel free to display on your blog.

Here’s the code for this badge, which is 235 pixels in width:

To post the badge and link it back to this page so it can be shared, add link code before and after the image code above. Then you can post it as a widget in a text box (if you’re using WordPress). Start with one of those left < brackets, then type: a[space]href="/blog/badges/">[image code][space]class=”attachment alignleft”[space] vspace=”10″/> then put a left bracket < then /a then a right bracket > at the end. Or highlight the code for the image, and click your “Link” function and type in this link:

Clear as mud, right??

Here’s the code for a narrower version, which is 150 pixels wide:

Please let me know if you need a different size. And do link the image to this page to spread the grumbling!

We’re loud and proud, and we won’t be silenced!

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