A Friend in the Storm: A Review of Nancy Stordahl’s Cancer Memoir

Being a breast cancer patient can be lonely. Even with supportive friends and family, no one really knows what it’s like to endure the shock, anger, grief, and stress of being diagnosed with cancer, and then to undergo the scorched-earth treatment of it. No one knows what it’s like to put up with exhortations to […]

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The Pet Whisperer

My first guardian angel was a dog. She was a mostly-brown German Shepherd, with the unimaginative but serviceable name of Brownie. I was only an infant when she cared for me, but I must have learned from her, because I grew to have an instinct for devotion and kindness toward animals that I did not […]

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Remembering Shelli

Two years ago today, my friend Shelli, who blogged at the Dirty Pink Underbelly, died of metastatic breast cancer. Four days after her death, I started writing this post. And couldn’t quite finish it. It wasn’t any easier to finish it today than it was then. [February 17, 2014] This entire thing about making friends […]

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