Declaring an Asshattery-Free Zone

Been an interesting few weeks. I can’t talk about all of it, but let’s just say that a confluence of recent happenings, both planned and unexpected, have put me through the emotional wringer. One of my blog sisters recently published an excellent post on trying to recover her Equilibrium after all her cancer treatment and […]

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Choosing A New Doctor

One sure-fire way to get the ‘real’ scoop on a surgeon is to talk to some homecare clinicians. Just ask a few homecare nurses — who change messy surgical dressings, negotiate wound-vacs and drains, treat surgical infections — which surgeons do a good job and which ones leave an ungodly mess behind, and believe me, […]

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Breast Recon Update: Lipotransfer, Opportunism & BRA Day

Fuhgeddaboudit. Sometimes, the best thing a doctor can tell you is what she won’t do. Such was my experience today. I’ve returned from my consult with the plastic surgeon I vetted recently per my previous post, Private Parts: Breast Recon Without Surgery. Dr. S turned out to be a delightful, intelligent, conscientious person, and she […]

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A Little Bit of Normal

First off, massive thanks to all the sistahs out there who commented, shared their stories, and provided excellent advice on my last post about lipotransfer. Once again, I am touched and profoundly grateful for the way that our cyber community steps up to help one another. Without this support, from the beginning of my own […]

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