Frankly, My Dear, I Don’t Give A Damn

Call me cynical, but don’t call me Scarlett. So far, I’ve spent most of October steadfastly ignoring pink. I have managed to get through most of the local stores this month without traveling the aisles where I would be most assailed by pink-colored merchandise that purports to support breast cancer research or so-called awareness. It […]

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A Time For Grieving & Remembrance

I have been trying to puzzle out exactly what is at the core of how I feel this year about Breast Cancer Awareness Month. For weeks now, I have been perplexed, knowing that the explanations I’ve come up with so far have fallen short. Last night, I decided to put on my clinician hat and […]

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One Woman At A Time

One by one Breast cancer is an equal-opportunity disease. It doesn’t care if you are female or male, rich or poor, high or low, famous or infamous. It’s a behemoth. No matter how many research studies are conducted, how much pink merchandise is sold in its name, how many awareness groups and fundraising events are […]

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