Bare Bones & Hormones — Part I

Hard Facts About Brittle Bones Here’s a piece of information I’ll bet you didn’t know — osteoporosis can kill you. It killed my mother. It killed the mother of one of my oldest friends. My friend’s mother literally crumbled to death, in pain, in a hospital bed, when she couldn’t move anymore because her bones […]

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Paying It Forward

Drawing by Allie Brosh, blogging at Hyperbole and a Half Still Here To Bitch About It Two years ago today, four words changed my life. Those words were, “Your biopsy is positive.” Words like that are very powerful. I wouldn’t be blogging if they weren’t. But in all honestly, I’ve heard a lot of other […]

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Standing In The Light

Battling Mutant Pumpkins Next Saturday, on July 24th, it will have been two years since I was told I had breast cancer. It’s a strange sort of anniversary. At its most fundamental, it marks the triumph of life over death, and I’m delighted to be here representing us lifers. On the other hand, it marks […]

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Click And Be Powerful

Sooner or later, each of us will find ourselves in a doctor’s waiting room with a clipboard in our laps. On this clipboard will be a very long form or three regarding our medical history. You will be asked if you’ve ever suffered from conditions you’ve never even heard of, and will puzzle over whether […]

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