The Numbers Game

Against All Odds I am not my breasts. And they are not me. They have only ever occupied a rather modest amount of my body, and I have never identified myself by their presence or absence. I am also not merely a collection of differentiated cells or a repository of biochemicals. Nor am I a […]

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Almost Normal

“Caution: Slippery When Wet” My heart goes out to the beleaguered citizens of Haiti. If I could, I would wave my magic wand and banish all natural disasters. They are one of the enormous levelers in this world. In an instant, no matter how cushy or hellacious your current life is, a hurricane or an […]

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Cancer Happens

Tempting the Fates? I might tick off a few people with this post, but so be it. I cannot control what or how anyone else thinks. Indeed, I can’t even control my own destiny. I might be able to exert an effect on it now and then, and I certainly don’t lay around passively awaiting […]

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