Am I Blue?

Manon Brunet sings “Am I Blue?” For me, this year is going out with some extra heartache in the form of finding out that a friend and sistah may be having a recurrence of breast cancer. A diagnostic mammogram found an area of what looks an awful lot like good ol’ ductal carcinoma, in the […]

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So Long, 2009!

“There It Goes!” And good riddance, if you ask me. Yes, I’ve counted my blessings — I’m not a total whiner. But frankly, my dear, 2009 has been a very disappointing year. And I’m not even talking about partisan politics, global warming, Wall Street greed or the economy. I was onto it early though. Back […]

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Happy Blogoversary To Me…

I’m having a blog birthday party and you’re all invited! Not sure what I’m doing yet, but I’ll iron out the details and get back to you. There will be photos. There will be some re-organizing and updating on the sidebar. There may be a live feed from my house on New Year’s Day. There […]

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Have A Beautiful & Joyful Holiday

Roadside Winterberry by Kathi Kolb The Hazard Potato Barn by Kathi Kolb Peace. Please click on the post title or the comment link below to post a response.

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