To Have And Have Not Breasts evoke a lot of complicated thoughts and feelings, especially when they’re yours. They identify us as female mammals, as the bearers and nurturers of life, allowing us to develop a deep and primal bond with our babies. They also identify us as sexual beings, and back up that identity […]

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The Godmother of Chick Rock

Oh, my, my, my. When I was a teenager, after singing in the church choir for years, I got to be a soloist in the high school glee club. I also started singing rock-n-roll. I could do Joni Mitchell, of course, but I could also do Robert Plant, of Led Zeppelin, better than Robert Plant […]

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Checking My Mood Ring

It’s amazing what a little time and serotonin can do. In addition to it’s role in mitigating and preventing depression, this clever little neurotransmitter also helps us sleep, eat, wake up, cope with stress, solve problems, burn calories, repair liver damage, regulate body temperature and not bleed to death if we cut ourselves. As I’ve […]

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It Could Be Worse

I could’ve had to sit there & take it while Congress tore me a new one, like Timothy Geithner did today. See? It always helps to have perspective. I feel much better now. Please click on the post title or the comment link below to post a response.

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