The Survivors Club

Heard a really interesting interview with Ben Sherwood, who wrote a book called The Survivors Club about what resources humans have & which they use to survive a crisis. You can hear the interview here on this page. Scroll down and pick a file format. It’s an interesting discussion of how we manage to get […]

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Customer Service.

Just over a decade ago, I needed a car & I didn’t have much cash & I didn’t want to take out a loan because I had just finished paying off my grad student loans & I wanted more time to savor the feeling of not owing anybody any money. This was in August. I […]

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Water, Water Everywhere…

This is a complicated story. It started last Friday, when I started coming down with a cold. But it didn’t really just start then either, because it actually started last July when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. And neither I nor my brain has been the same since. So, I came down with this […]

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History & Irony

Yesterday, on Martin Luther King Day, I thought back to 1968, when Barack Obama was seven years old. I was fourteen & starting the 9th grade the year that Martin Luther King & Bobby Kennedy were assassinated. I remember that awful year as possibly the most frightening year of my short life so far then. […]

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