Picture This

New Horizons Many of you know that I’ve started writing articles now and then for Healthline. It was flattering to be asked to write for them, and it’s even nicer that my editor liked my suggestion that I write as a physical therapist who has been a breast cancer patient, who often treats cancer patients, […]

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Grief and Moonshots

If you have any friends in the breast cancer cyber-community, it cannot have escaped your notice that we have lost too many of them lately. One of the latest is Holley Kitchen. She posted a simple but eloquent homemade video on YouTube on June 4, 2015. Like a lightning bolt, it shot some much-needed clarity […]

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Remembering Carolyn

I’d be the first to admit that 2015 was a shitastic year. Every damned week, sometimes every damned day, there seemed to be a news headline or three which served to highlight how batshit crazy, fearful, and murderous we humans can be. And that was when we in the Northeastern U.S. weren’t over our ears […]

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