Breast Cancer Awareness: A Casual Conversation About Mammograms

In fact, this sticker is inaccurate. I got my 3D tomosynthesis-assisted mammogram a week ago. As I am wont to do, I wore my employee ID badge, identifying me as a clinician, to the appointment. Perhaps for that reason, or perhaps because of my breast cancer history, or perhaps because the mammographer called in one […]

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Breast Cancer Awareness? Let’s Get Real

It’s only September, and already I’m sick of Pinktober. Already, there’s been ‘sexy’ pink fundraising idiocy, stupid Facebook ‘awareness’ games, and nine pages of newly execrable pink wearables and ceramic tchotchkes on the Bradford Exchange site. Who buys this crap? There was a #PinkOFF hashtag circulating on Twitter in the past few years. I say, […]

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