A Carton of Eggs: Remembering Auschwitz

“…tolerance cannot be assumed …. it must be taught. And we must make it clear that hate is never right and love is never wrong!” — Auschwitz survivor Roman Kent, speaking at the memorial ceremony for the 70th Anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz I am writing this on a cold January day. On the […]

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Staying Safe: Medical Alerts & Emergency Alerts

First, a few general remarks. I didn’t write many posts last year, but I kept a lot of notes for future topics. A lot of those topics combine the knowledge I’ve gained and explored from the major aspects of my life: my cancer experience, my personal life, and my work life as a healthcare clinician. […]

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I’m Still Here: My Year in Review

Six years ago today, I started this blog. So, first of all, thank you, dear readers and friends, for visiting, emailing, commenting, sharing, and generally making this labor of love worthwhile. You have definitely put the ‘social’ in social media. I’m glad I’m still here. Things I Did in 2014 1. According to all my […]

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