Getting Paid to Care: The Cost of Providing Healthcare

One of the reasons I haven’t written as many posts as I’d like is that I spend a lot more time than I used to writing and typing stuff so I can get paid. Four years ago, I was all for it when the homecare agency I work for finally bought us clinicians some laptops […]

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Another Stalker

Not Exactly Hearts and Flowers Among cancer tests, colonoscopies are a little odd. I’m not talking about the infamous prep, or even the general indignity involved. I’m talking about the results. If the doctor finds nothing — no polyps, no ulcers, no funny stuff — then, great. You’re in the clear, come back in ten […]

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Dear NED*, Please Be My Valentine

So, this year’s colonoscopy was originally scheduled for about four weeks ago, but my doc’s office called to reschedule it. One of the alternate dates offered was Valentine’s Day, which appealed to my admittedly twisted sense of humor. Which goes with my twisted colon, a fact about which my doc informed me the last time […]

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One Year Later: Remembering Susan & Rachel

To those three or four people out there who still doubt the power of social media, perhaps this post will erase your skepticism forever. One year ago today, on Monday, February 6, 2012, Susan Niebur and Rachel Cheetham Moro both died of metastatic breast cancer. Susan was 39. Rachel was 41. A stunned sorrow was […]

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