Private Parts: Breast Recon Without Surgery

Well, I must say it’s been nice. By the time I submit my beleaguered breasts for inspection in a few weeks, it will have been six months since I’ve had to expose any private parts to physicians. I had a sinus infection recently that required my primary care doc to look down my throat and […]

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Book Review: ‘Breasts — A Natural and Unnatural History’

Breasts — A Natural and Unnatural History by Florence Williams, published by W.H.Norton, 2012. Exhaustively researched and highly readable, science journalist Florence Williams’ latest book describes the remarkable and largely uncharted ecology of women’s breasts. Yes, ecology. Because it turns out that human breasts are in fact a complex and adaptable ecosystem, with a unique […]

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Is It Always Cancer’s Fault?

I’m not complaining. Not really. Maybe a little. This is the last day of my vacation. I’d been looking forward to it for weeks. Sixteen lovely days off from my job as a homecare physical therapist. Sixteen days when I did not have to figure out how to solve someone else’s health problems, when I […]

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Dudes Telling Us What To Do With Our Body Parts

If You Don’t Have One, then Shut the Hell Up. If it weren’t for the website from whence I borrowed the above photo, I might have lost my mind entirely over the past few months. You’ve got to love a site called Government Free VJJ. The site tagline says it all: “Dear Men in Congress: […]

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