Day Job

The Long and Winding Road Despite rumors to the contrary, I don’t get paid to spread snark — and what I like to think is the occasional trenchant commentary — throughout the land. I wish! No. What I get paid to do, four days a week now, is to work as a physical therapist for […]

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My Spring Break

I thought I’d follow the example of my friend Sarah, who has so often shared the healing power of the flora and peace of her garden allotment in Liverpool on her blog. My own garden has been rather woefully neglected these past few years because of post-treatment fatigue and chronic shoulder problems from radiation. But […]

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A Woman of a Certain Age

Having Birthdays Today is the fourth birthday I’ve had since being diagnosed with cancer. So far, I’m still dancing with NED (which means my cancer tests since treatment still keep saying “No Evidence of Disease”). Around my first birthday after cancer, I went out and got a tattoo. On my leg. Not pink. Not a […]

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Blood & Organ Donation After Cancer

Tainted Blood? Since having cancer, I think about emergencies and end-of-life issues probably more than other folks. I’m still in the process of getting organized per my previous post, Exit Strategy, trying to plan for potential future health crises, updating my will and my retirement savings plan, giving my friends extra keys to the house, […]

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