Radiation, The Aftermath That Never Ends

[Reposted on October 12, 2012.] For a long time, complaining about the long and late-term side effects of radiation was a frequent theme on this blog. I haven’t bitched about being barbecued for a while now. That’s not because everything is just ducky, however. It’s only because (a) I got sick of talking about it, […]

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Broke: The Cost of Breast Cancer

The real cost of having breast cancer — any cancer — is perhaps incalculable. And there is no doubt that having cancer changes your life forever, emotionally and physically. But the financial impact can last long after acute treatment is done, changing your life in ways you could never anticipate. I am hoping that this […]

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Time and Loss

It’s Saturday, one of my cherished days off from work. I’ve been trying to be kind to myself today. I’ve had a hard time sleeping lately, so for the past few days, I’ve once again resorted to taking a Benadryl (which is, as it happens, a pink pill) at bedtime, because it works better than […]

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