Cancer Is Really Crappy

Still looking over my shoulder. While this amazon may be accidental, it was no accident that I started this blog on New Year’s Day. The great thing about New Year’s is the symbolic relief of leaving the past behind. On January 1st, 2009, I was hoping to leave breast cancer behind. Silly me. I was […]

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Comfort and Joy

Once again, I’ve been pondering a holiday post, but I didn’t really want to refer to that overriding Subject I usually write about. So, I just started thinking about all the people and things and activities that have helped me get through the past three years. And without a doubt, two of the most reliable, […]

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Better Late Than Never

Revolutions don’t start with silence. There’s an old saw that says, if you have a problem with someone, and you don’t tell them about it, it’s your problem, not theirs. When we are going through treatment for cancer, it’s inevitable that we will encounter lots of indignities, thoughtlessness, and downright ineptitude along the way. By […]

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Staking My Claims

I’m not complaining really. Well, yeah, I am, but I’m really grateful that I have health insurance and a job. And that I also have this other supplementary insurance, that was offered to us at work as an optional, self-paid benefit several years ago. It’s one of those insurance products that falls under the category […]

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