Tamoxifen Efficacy Revisited: Behind The Hype

PLEASE NOTE: Inaccuracies in my interpretation of the statistics in study referred to in this post were brought to my attention by one of the commenters below. After doing a lot of digging and head-scratching, I have decided to leave the original text, but have added strike-throughs over data that I wrongly interpreted, and further comments […]

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Oh, That Crazy, Sexy Breast Cancer

Funny how bits of our culture take on a whole new meaning after you’ve had breast cancer. Take the iconic song, “Bohemian Rhapsody” by the group Queen. I discovered the Muppets’ hilarious version of it on YouTube one day and posted it on Facebook, whereupon a number of my sistahs posted a variety of wry […]

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Compliance Or Manipulation?

The Center for Health Transformation recently published a white paper on The Importance of Medication Adherence. In it, they report that as many as 40% of patients do not take their medications as prescribed, and up to 20% of new prescriptions given to patients by their doctors are not filled at all. Research about medication […]

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Lost and Found

“Your biopsy is positive.” Those were the words I heard when I found out I had cancer. I’ll never forget those words. I’ll never forget the day, the hour, where I was, what I was doing when I heard them. I’ll never forget the strange, weirdly comic experience of having the stereotactic biopsy that led […]

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