Stop Pinking!

Recently, on the Facebook page for Breast Cancer Action, another sistah posted a parody photo of a pink Lockheed Martin jet, with a nice, snarky, farcical caption about how 3 cents of every dollar of the $156 million they made selling this fighter jet would support breast cancer research.  It was a joke, but I’m […]

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The Amazon’s Remix

I owe it all to Dad. This may seem like an odd tribute to my dad for Father’s Day. But in fact, it’s an entirely appropriate one. The lion’s share of whatever musical, photographic or geek aptitude I may have, I got from my dad. Among many, many other things, Dad was a musician. He […]

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Is There A Cure For Hypocrisy?

It hasn’t been a great week.   There has been a confluence of events lately that has left me in tears, especially today.   Today, I learned that one of my cyber-sistahs died yesterday of breast cancer, after being treated for several months for mets to the brain.  Another friend, who had breast cancer a […]

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The Cure For Pink

As I was working on this post, I discovered that I was officially a “cause bandit.”   The phrase was coined by Jen Price, on Advancing Impact, a blog to help non-profits do better at what they do, in her post, Cause Bandits: How Would Your Non-Profit Respond? In it, Price succinctly points out how […]

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