My Other Life

Sometimes, I do other stuff besides write and draw for this blog.  Or work.  Or clean the house. Sometimes I make Art-with-a-capital-A.  I show it in galleries, I win the occasional award, I stand around at art shows drinking wine and eating sushi and stuff.  Before I get to the sushi, I have to create […]

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“Support the Cure — Start Shopping” So says the banner on a snazzy new website for “Promise Me” Perfume, the latest offspring of a corporate sponsorship between Susan G. Komen, the breast cancer fundraiser, and TPR Holdings LLC, a New York-based “operator in the consumer products industry[…investing in] scalable mass and prestige opportunities in health, […]

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Daring To Be Powerful

Back when I was a young feminist, a nascent poet/writer/editor, a poetry performer long before such events were called slams, one of the women I admired hugely was Audre Lorde.  Her collection of essays, Sister Outsider, became one of my favorite references and touchstones.  Living in Boston, I had the great joy and privilege of […]

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Help & Helplessness

October 3, 2013. Some of you may not know that I once had aspirations to become a rock star. I didn’t, but failing that, I’ve been known to rewrite song lyrics, sort of like a female Al Yankovic (Allie Yankovic?), except maybe not as weird. A few years back, I was feeling particularly musical, so […]

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