Math Lessons — The Human Cost of Cancer

I was thinking about the veritable explosion of breast cancer awareness and fundraising groups in the last several years.  If you didn’t know any better, you might think it was the only kind of cancer out there anymore.  Or you might think it had the highest rate of incidence in the population or the highest […]

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What’s In A Name

Hooters. Knockers.  The Girls.  Cupcakes.  Muffins.  Tits.  Titties.  Melons.  Rack.  Bags.  Milk pails.  Tatas. Boobs.  Boobies.  Jugs. Do these words tell you anything about the reality of breast cancer?  Me either. Nor do they tell you anything about women.  What they do tell you about is how our culture labels women.  At best, what they […]

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Whose Life Is It Anyway?

Boom As far as I know, I do not have metastatic breast cancer. But I cannot say that with absolute certainty. With most cancers, but particularly with breast cancer, you never do know whether your next scan, diagnostic image or lab test will tell you that the Stalker has returned and has invaded other parts […]

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Fatigue: Lessons For Your Doctor

Okay, I really couldn’t just leave you all hanging after my last post. But I was too tired to gather the following information last night so that I could include it. But I took a Provigil today, so I’m a little perkier. So here goes. Let me pick up approximately where I left off. I […]

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