Music To My Ears — Stayin’ Alive

A couple of weeks ago, I was especially pissed off at cancer. I’m always pissed off at cancer, in truth, but this was a particularly bad week. I felt like if I heard one more bit of news about a friend who had a recurrence or a new occurence or mets or a suspicious imaging […]

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Back Talk 201

Okay, everyone, how are you? How’s the back? Mine is better, although I’m not out of the woods yet. One of my big problems is that I have chronically tight hamstrings. Always did, from birth, I think. One of the drawbacks of having long legs, I guess. Love the legs (thanks for those, Mom!!), hate […]

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Back Talk 101

Naturally, the best time to start getting your back in shape is NOT when it’s killing you. But, we humans being the procrastinators we are, most of us don’t worry about it when we’re feeling okay. Inevitably, however, you’ll have one of those days. It’s cold and damp. Or you just raked all the leaves […]

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New Beginnings

The other day, I was writing out some exercise instructions for a patient. We had already practiced them together, so all I had to do was describe what we had just done so she could remember them well enough to do them on her own. I’m pretty good at describing things, even exercises, but there […]

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