So Far, So Good

If I’d gotten to write the script for July 24th, 2008, one year ago, I certainly would have written it differently. In the first place, if I still had to find out I had cancer, it would have been divulged to me in a face-to-face dialogue, not in a phone conversation that happened accidentally. Perhaps […]

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Fashion Statement

Isn’t this where it goes?? Please click on the post title or the comment link below to post a response.

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Shock & Awe

The word ‘biopsy’ is not a happy one. When it enters your personal space, it immediately brings to mind the word ‘cancer,’ which is an even more unpleasant word. A biopsy, however, is at least a spin-able concept. Technically, it’s a diagnostic tool, like getting an injection in reverse, a means by which a piece […]

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Sleeping With The Light On

In a certain way, I had a dangerous childhood. Physically, it was safe enough, suburban, low crime, mothers at home during the day, someone always around. Materially, it was a bit fragile from time to time, such as the summer my father’s union was on strike from Memorial Day through Labor Day, which meant no […]

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