Rachel’s Memorial Service

Because Rachel literally had friends all over the globe, a live stream feed was set up so that those who could not be at her memorial service on Saturday, February 11, 2012, could watch it while it was happening. Enormous thanks go to Ronnie at Being Sarah for obtaining and posting these links for the recordings of that live feed, in case you didn’t get to watch it in real time. And I echo his thanks to Courtney G. Woodhouse, who set up the feed and provided these links so quickly.

Unfortunately, as Ronnie mentions, the links don’t include the first three speakers, who were Rachel’s sister-in-law Jessalynn, Rach’s mother-in-law (the incomparable MIL mentioned in several of her posts) and Rach’s dear, wonderful mom, who spoke for herself as well as for Rach’s brother, who could not be there. Sarah, of Being Sarah, recorded these three women on film herself and will be able to provide links to their contributions at a later date.
It was indescribable to be there. So, I will let these links, and those who are on them, speak for themselves.

The first comprises Rachel’s and Anthony’s family and local friends:

Rachel’s Memorial Service, Part 1

The second includes some of Rach’s sister bloggers, friends from Australia, her childhood, college and work. And, at the end, her beloved Anthony.

Rachel’s Memorial Service, Part 2
There will also be a Twitter chat at #bcsm tonight at 9:00 p.m. EST on helping us heal from our losses.
So, don’t mind if I fall apart,
There’s more room in a broken heart.

— from Coming Around Again, by Carly Simon

Text of my eulogy for Rachel.

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