Celebrate Women's History Month

If you click on the ladies above, you’ll get to a wonderful website that our government maintains for Women’s History Month that will make you want to jump up and clap. There are lots of links to visits, lots of photos, activities, events and stories. It’s a great site.

I’d like to add a few more random names of admirable women whose accomplishments I’ve enjoyed and appreciated, who’ve made history past and present, and who share something besides fame. In no particular order, here they are:

  • Betty Ford (First Lady)
  • Linda Ellerby (journalist)
  • Diahann Caroll (actor)
  • Minnie Ripperton (musician)
  • Barbara Pym (novelist)
  • Gloria Steinem (activist, writer)
  • Linda McCartney (musician)
  • Audre Lorde (poet, activist)
  • Carly Simon (musician)
  • Cynthia Nixon (actor)
  • Juliet Gordon Low (founder of the Girl Scouts)
  • Dusty Springfield (musician)
  • Rue McClanahan (actor)

These are women who are young, old, various colors, lesbian and straight, various callings and talents, some who are still with us and some who have passed on. Besides being notable, smart and accomplished, something else they all have in common is that they had breast cancer. Some have survived it so far and some have not. When I think of these brave women and many others like them, I am deeply moved. Helluva club. Not one I ever wanted to join, but I’m honored to be in such company.

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